Sunday, 5 December 2010

Okay, here goes.

I'm posting my first ever thing on my brand new blog. Wow. Yay. Um... good. I really have no idea how this works, I only signed up so I could post on other Jabberjay's blogs. So yeah, I finally worked out how to do this thing! Yay! Now, so that other Jabberjays can find me, I'm going to put in a load of Lyta-related words: Lyta Guinevere Hopeflame District One, Hunger Games Official Boards RP Jabberjays Roleplay, Lyta's Story, Thyrra Dawn Feathershaft, lyta_hopeflame, twin swords red hair green eyes... do you think that's enough words? Okay then. Bye now!


  1. Lyta! Hi! It's fk1998 here! You can guess my email... hint hint: I use Gmail and fighterkirby1998 is my account name for nearly everything. Yeah, it's

  2. Hey, catchingfire in da house. Wow. This is THE board convention.
    I wonder if Moderator Jen knows about this...

  3. She'd better not.